In Havana Gardens we work so that the shipment of your packages to Cuba is done directly and your relatives receive them in less than 10 days.

For this, we have a team of professionals always ready to meet your requests and advise you on the policies and forms of your shipments to Cuba.

Thus, with our shipping agency of packages to Cuba you will be able to transfer the following products:

Clothing, shoes, purses, personal items in general, foods in their original containers, toiletries, among others.

Appliances, household items, tools of all kinds, car parts, furniture of all kinds, construction materials, medical equipment, equipment for sports, musical instruments, among others.

All kinds of medicines, as well as medical equipment, such as pressure devices, stethoscopes, glucose measuring devices, oxygen equipment, wheelchairs, among others.

While the teams with entry bans are:

  • Wireless faxes.

  • Telephone boards of all kinds.

  • Devices for data networks (Reuter and switches).

  • Cordless telephones, except those operating in the bands of 40-49 Mhz, 2.4 Ghz and those of 5Ghz.

  • Wireless microphones and their accessories.

  • Radio transmitters of any nature and service (radars, radio beacons, radio links, people search engines, radio broadcasting, etc).

  • Radio transceivers, equipment of mobile fixed stations and walkie-talkie.

  • Professional radio receivers (that differ from domestic radio devices).

  • Terrestrial stations and communication terminals by satellites (includes receiving stations, satellite dishes, their accessories and satellite telephones).

  • Hidden items to circumvent customs control.

  • Items that, due to their quantity and independent of their value, have a commercial nature.

  • Products with a tariff value higher than 200.00 m / n.

  • Pornography of any kind or other literature that violate the moral or internal order.

  • Fruits, vegetables and fresh cereals.

  • Parts of any type of plants (leaves, branches, roots, stems, tubers).

  • Botanical and agamic seeds.

  • Live animals, texidermiados except canines and felines.

  • Refrigerated and fresh frozen meats of any kind.

  • Sausages and hams.

  • Biological products (vaccines, diagnostic means or sera for animal use).

  • Dairy products, dairy products without recognized or repackaged brands.

  • Drugs in non-original containers.

  • Drugs, narcotics and psychotic and hallucinogenic substances, except those for medical use accompanied by a medical prescription.

  • Explosives. firearms, ammunition and blood products.


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