Havana Gardens has a trained staff to advise you on all immigration procedures, in a simple and safe way.

These are the immigration procedures that we help you manage:


To apply for your American residency, you must submit the following documents:

• Birth certificate with its translation. The birth certificate of the non-Cuban children will be used to prove the filiation with the Cuban applicant.
• Proof that you have been in the American territory for more than a year, using the I-94 form or the visa.
• Medical examination and vaccination report.
• Criminal record. Having no background is a necessary condition to obtain your American residency.
• A semblance with your data.
• Several passport-type photographs.
• Proof that you have taken over the presentation fee.
• If your domestic economy is not going through its best, you can ask for an exception, at least partial. For this, you will need to submit additional documentation to prove low income. (Food stamp or medicaid test)
• Marriage certificate or divorce certificate, if one of these was the applicant’s marital status. The marriage certificate is also essential is for those non-Cuban spouses who opt for American residency. In this way, they will prove the union with the applicant of Cuban nationality.

The application for American citizenship requires the presentation of some specific and complex forms, in Havana Gardens we have professionals who can help you fill out these questionnaires and advise you in all stages of the process.

The requirements for you to obtain American citizenship are:

• Have resided legally in the United States for 5 years. If the American citizenship is requested by a person married to an American, we no longer speak of 5 years, but of 3 years as long as the American spouse has had this nationality for 3 years or more.
• Pass a civic exam.
• Pass a Basic English test.
• No history.
• Swear allegiance to the country. It is imperative that if you apply for American citizenship you can read and also explain the meaning of this important oath in English.

The application forms for American citizenship include many questions regarding your life in the last 5 years. They review trips, places of residence and jobs. If you are the applicant for American citizenship, you have to keep in mind all the information indicated in these forms, as they could ask you about it.

The application for American citizenship will also have to be accompanied by several photographs suitable for the American passport.

The US work permit is a fundamental document so that anyone who arrives in the country can work

As a Cuban immigrant, you can proceed with the work permit application, even if you have entered the United States as a parole (a type of provisional admission under the word). Those who come to the United States legally and illegally are included here.

The work permit is usually given for 2 years, but sometimes this term is shortened to 1 year, so an extension must be managed. You will have to present this extension along with your application for American residency, at no additional cost.

The requirements to apply for the work permit are:

• Form to obtain the work permit properly completed. This form is completed in our office by an agent specialized in the process.
• Parole document (if applicable).
• Several passport-type photographs.
• Proof of payment corresponding to the presentation fee. In the case of this application for employment authorization, the price is $ 410. If you are in a tight financial situation, you will not have to give up this fundamental process for your life in the United States. You can ask for an exception, at least partial. When requesting this exception, you will have to submit supplementary documentation that proves your situation. (Food stamp or medicaid test).

If you have emigrated to the United States, you have left your partner, children, parents or siblings in your country. It is normal that, after a period of adaptation, you want to meet with them and establish themselves in the North American country.

In Havana Gardens we have experts who will advise you in the claim process, making it less complex and giving you the information you need.
Grievance of relatives is not a simple process, but it is possible. In fact, it is more feasible in the case of Cuban relatives. Through the Cuban Family Reunification Permit Program, many Cuban relatives have arrived in the United States with the advantage of not having to meet all the usual requirements, such as waiting for the visa priority dates.

It is important to keep in mind that the process of claiming relatives varies according to the circumstances of the person making the request:

• If the person claiming their Cuban relatives has American citizenship, they can claim their spouse, parents, single or married children and siblings. However, the applicant is required to be over 21 years of age to claim both parents and siblings.
• Permanent legal residents of the United States can also claim Cuban family members. However, the list is reduced. They can only claim their spouse or single children.

In all cases, documents and certificates proving consanguinity will be requested. It will also be necessary to submit forms, translations and notarized documents.


Having a Cuban residence is much easier thanks to the Cuban Adjustment Act. This law, as the name suggests, adjusts the status, this means, it gives the possibility of obtaining American residency to any Cuban who is able to prove that he has been in American territory for at least one year.

The law goes further. The spouse and minor children of the Cuban applicant who have been in the United States for more than a year can also access the American residency or Green Card, even if they don’t have Cuban nationality.



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