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With Havana Gardens you can ship to Cuba with appliances, furniture or any other package safely and without risk of damage.

We also have maritime transport so that your shipment of household goods and unaccompanied luggage is carried out smoothly. Shipments to Cuba are made in containers that leave every week directly to the island and the goods take between 60 to 90 days to arrive.


The specifications for maritime shipments with Havana Gardens are:

• A minimum weight of 6.6 pounds for the package that will be shipped to Cuba. The pounds should be separated into two bags of 3.3 pounds each and packed in sturdy polyethylene bags, with a security seal and identified with a thermal label.
• There is no maximum weight, so that almost any type of cargo can be sent by sea transport to Cuba, with products authorized by the regulations in force in the USA, and that are allowed by the existing customs regulations in Cuba.

send your household goods to cuba


If you obtained your legal residence in Cuba, you have the right to send your household goods within a period of 6 months, from the date on which they granted you an identity card.

The maritime transport to Cuba for household items includes: living room set, dining room set, room sets, household appliances such as refrigerator, TV, kitchen, washer and dryer, air conditioners, among others.

You will not have to pay anything in Cuba, because this household is free of customs duties, but you should bear in mind the following:

• The household must be shipped to Cuba in the same country from which you come.
• When you, who use the right to household goods, come accompanied by your family, we only authorize a household for the family unit.
• For the authorization of the household in regard to quantities of items (appliances and furniture) we will take into account that these amounts correspond to the housing spaces of the home to which they are intended. In the case of electrical appliances, only two (2) equipment of each type will be exempt from payment.
• The dispatch of household goods is done as an indivisible unit. The delivery of household goods is not authorized in a fractional manner.
• The household goods must be processed by you who are entitled to it. When for well-founded reasons you cannot be present, we will request in writing the exceptional authorization to the Head of the Office of Customs.

unaccompanied baggage


For unaccompanied baggage, the one that leaves before or after your departure or arrival date to Cuba, you have to take into account these conditions and requirements:

• The luggage must belong to you who have actually traveled to Cuba.
• Baggage must have been sent from the same country of origin.
• The dispatch or shipment must have been made by you.
• It must be consigned to you, that you went to our offices and sent it to your name. You can not send it in someone else’s name.
• When the unaccompanied baggage to Cuba is sent by ship to Cuba, 60 days are counted for your arrival from your arrival on the island.



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